“Pandemic: Man v / s Nature”

टॉप -न्यूज़ लेख

Published by Neha Bajpai

The birds are chirping on the trees
The wind is blowing with a fragrant breeze when
Man is stuck and quarantined
The nature’s beauty is on it’s peak


No cutting of trees, no polluted air
The skies have turned crystal clear


When man is sad and in solitude
The nature is glowing in jovial mood


The crackling sounds of twigs and leaves
The ethereal sunshine peeking through canopies,


When silence today is man’s dole
The joyous nature sways away our souls


His watery eyes filled with prayer
seeing for mercy and lots of care


If mankind learns to love the nature
in this period of discomfiture


Patience, kindness and humanness-
Would transform him into the best creature

                                    Sanaviya Fareed