Could not know this in life

टॉप -न्यूज़ लेख

Published by Neha Bajpai

I could not know this in life,
Saw the buds smile,
I also saw flowers laughing,
But even in such beauty, there are thorns not recognized.
Sandalwood forest looks cool,
They beat the mind every second,
But the poison wrapped in their trees is not able to be recognized.
Saw Ravi-Kiran rising,
Saw the light rising,
But hiding in the mold I could not find the darkest guesses.
Clouds fly in Amber,
They burn water to live,
But they have electricity
I did not get some idea.
I feel my own,
Beautiful dreams
But they will set the house on fire,
Never understood senseless.

                              Sanaviya Fareed